HISTORY (Beginning until today) A TRAGEDY THAT WON´T END

OVERVIEW OF THE CASES (Beginning until today)


Hello, Papa's large one!

Now you are suddenly supposed to be in the USA!

INSERTION FROM THE 12/05/09: Now my son lives HERE* !!!

*After I had put the link to Youtube, the video I found there has suddenly disappeared!

Well I had already downloaded it and for that reason I can make it available!

In order to watch it, one needs a Flash-video-player!!!

IIt came like a flash out of a clear sky, although one would have been able to see it comin´!

When the contact took place on the 09/09/04 in Berlin and the contact supervisor mentioned

casually, that you with your mother, her husband No. 3 and your sister had arrived

with a Taxi .

I haven´t drawn conclusons from it, but, in the meantime, it´s certain, that the cars were

already sold, because the departure approached immediately!

On the 09/10/30 your mother has received the Visa for 3 years and since 11/08/09 you are

now supposedly already in the USA.

It has become clear to your mother, that one can not detain the visiting contact for ever.

But exactly this is what she wanted and wants!

Therefore, she has considered, how she can finally remove me from your life and that

630 kilometres to Berlin obviously wheren´t enough, to reach it!

After we had seen each other again after 2 years, 4 months and 4 days on the 01/16/09

and your mother noticed that you are missing the father, she has searched a poor

devil and found him already in February in a colleague at SONY, whom she installed

the within weeks as the (Contra) father against me.

That he has already moved in to your one-bedroom apartment, in which up to then you where

already living with 5 people, I have  experienced in the meantime.

You told me about your new "dad" for the first time in May already and since then probably

you also  where not allowed to call me dad any longer, which I have never taken badly to you!

What are you able to do already for it?

Now you are kidnapped (half legalized) for the second time, torn again from your social sphere,

although, your social sphere are only your mother, your grandmother, your half-sister and now

the (Contra) father, anyway.

The assertions, you would have visited the Sony-Company Preschool and that you had contact

to many children, for example in the neighborhood, in the meantime, are also disproved!

Your mother HAS SIMPLY LIED what holds the stuff!

Does this surprise us?

Me not, because I have never heard really true words from her mouth!

Now you are 5 years old, coming to a country that you do not know generally yet, in which

the compulsory education already begins with 4 and you are not yet able to do the language!

Your mother does with you now precisely what her mother has made with her, once.

There is only one difference:

HER MOTHER has followed her Ex-husband and brought death to him!

SHE travels to escape from an Ex-husband now, who is still the father of her son

and also insists on being it.

Neither it´s clear, nor it´s playing a role for her, she is causing the same lot of grief to you

she has got to know herself!

She tries to bequeath her own pain!

This should and may not be, you becoming the victim of her ill soul!

A person can be a wall! Now this personal wall also has moved away from Berlin!

Of course, she is more flexible than the wall, which fell in Berlin!

This wall can only fall like the walls of Jericho! By the power of the word!

...and Berlin is a good omen for the "Fall of the wall" ;)

and your Dad remains!



"In our constitutional state, it can happen to a person, far predominantly to fathers,

that against her will and without her culpable behaviour, which could be taken in

account, her marriage might be divorced, her children taken away, the contact with them

made impossible , the reproach raised and confirmed by court decision, to have sexually

abused her children and besides, set to the minimum subsistence leve by maintenance

payments. The dimension of such grief, enacted by the state, reaches tragic magnitude

and should have his place on the stage and not in our legal reality."

Quotation of judge Harald Schütz, OLG Bamberg, in a talk on the 10th of May, 1997

on the 49th German lawyer's day, lawyer's sheet (AnwBl) 8+9/97, page 466-468, 1997

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